Highways & Bridges

General Technical Capabilities

Reinforced soil walls are constructed on approaches of bridges & flyovers as a fast track and a cost- effective system. Similarly the widening of roads, especially on the hills entail the usage of reinforced soil slopes which may be hard or soft faced. The cut slopes and embankment surface need to be stabilized with a system of netting, soil nails, rock bolts and geocells.

Soft soils on which roads are built need stabilization using ground improvement techniques. Pavement overlaying poor subgrade as well as surfaces in distress need reinforcement. Temporary access roads on project sites need cost effective short term solutions.

  • Reinforced Soil Slope
  • Reinforced Soil Wall
  • Slope Protection
  • Steep Slope/Wall
  • Pavement Stabilization
  • Ground Improvement
  • Access and Project Roads

Shillong Bypass Project, Meghalaya, India
Moghbazar-Mouchak Flyover Project(W-Ou)Dhaka, Bangladesh

UAG Flyover, Oman
Shillong Bypass Project, Meghalaya, India