USA visa medical examination

List of documents required.

Original passport. + Two clear Xerox copy of the passport, Information page as well as address page.
Visa Interview letter which includes the name of all the clients who wish to perform the medical examination. (Children whose names are not mentioned in the interview letter will not be able to undergo the medical examination.
8 recent passport size photos per candidate 2 “ x 2 “(inches) with white background will be required for all candidates.
In case of Non Immigrant Visas a letter from the consulate recommending the medical, will be required to start the medical.

What to carry for the medicals

Carry medical reports pertaining to any surgery or hospitalisation. (Discharge summary)
List of medications (Prescription) that are consumed daily. We also require that you carry the medicines (Strips or bottles) that you take, so that they can be reviewed by the examining doctor.
If you have any chronic ailments, you may carry the treatment summary from your treating doctor to help speed up the medical process.
Please carry spectacles / lenses to the medical. For lenses you will be required to remove them to check your vision without correction.
All prior vaccination records. (Original + one clear Xerox)

What to expect at the time of the medicals.

The medical will include a physical examination. You will need to undress for this examination. Ladies when examined by a male doctor will be provided a lady chaperon.

For candidates 15 years and above a urine test will be done for Gonorrhoea. Ladies in their menstrual cycle should postpone the medicals till it is over. If they may come in that period, they will have to come again for their urine test. If the test is positive for Gonorrhoea you will need treatment for it prior to the report being available to you.

For candidates 15 years and above a blood test will be done for syphillis . If the test is positive you will need treatment for it prior to the report being available to you.

Basic vision tests.

Height / Weight examination.

X Ray chest for all above 15 years of age.

Children 2 yrs to 14 years will require a Tuberculin test. For this test the child will need to return back to the clinic after 48 hrs for the result. Children with a positive TT test will also require a X Ray examination.


Are required for an US immigrant visa examination. Age appropriate vaccines will be given as per the requirements of the US visa medical examination. Candidates are required to get along all prior vaccine records along with a Xerox copy of them. Those will be checked and only the pending vaccines will be given. The doctor has the right to refuse the vaccine records if he / she feels they are Fictitious or have incomplete information on them. If candidates have no vaccine records, the age appropriate required vaccines will be given to them at the time of the medical. Vaccines that are contraindicated for any specific reason will not be given. K1 visa applicants can opt not to take the vaccines at the time of the medical. They will then NEED to take the required vaccination in USA after they arrive.

Time period of examination and results.

The medical examination is likely to require two to three hours to complete.

The reports take two to three days to complete. Candidates will need to come back to the clinic to collect the reports.

Clients who are positive for Syphilis will require further investigation and treatment which will delay the receipt of their medical examination. (Approximate time period of treatment is three to four weeks)

Clients who are positive for Gonorrhoea will also require treatment before the medical report is given. (Approximate time period is one to two days)

Clients with abnormal X ray’s may require further investigations. If Sputum cultures’ are requested then the reports will be available ONLY after 8 to 9 weeks. The report’s will be sent directly to the consulate and will not be handed over the candidates. If the sputum test is POSITIVE for Tb, they will require treatment under the DOT’s programme.

Clients have to come personally to collect the reports. One family member, who has undergone the medical, may collect the reports on behalf of all the family members.

If clients depute someone to collect the reports on there behalf, they will need to send an authority letter and an identity proof of the person collecting the report along with the receipt of the medical examination. The relevant information that is given at the time of collection of the reports will then be given to the person who collects the report.

Pregnant women :

Pregnant women who wish to undergo this medical should first check with their gynaecologist about the ill effects of X ray examination. If they do not wish to carry out the X ray they should postpone their immigrant visa medical till after the delivery. If they are ready to carry out the X Ray they will need to sign a consent form for the X ray. They will undergo the chest x ray with protective gear provided at the clinic (double lead shield covering of the abdomen). They will also be administered vaccines that are required to be given. Vaccines contraindicated in pregnancy will not be given.

Important Reminder :

Minors (17 years old and below) must be accompanied by their parent or by a legal guardian who has thorough knowledge of the child's medical history.

Cost of the medical Rele Clinic Mumbai
Adult Examination INR 5000
Children 2 - 14 years INR 4400
Children 0 -2 years INR 4000
Gonorrhea INR 8000
Consultation Psychological (If required) INR 2000

The cost of TB related investigations and the DOT treatment of Drug susceptible TB is included in the initial payment.

Vaccination will be charged as per MRP. INR 100 vaccine administering charges will also be applicable.

In case any significant medical conditions are detected, the Panel Physician may ask for further investigations which will not be included in the cost mentioned above.